About Us

In 2009, members of the Queanbeyan-Canberra Sub-Branch of the  NSW Branch Inc were asked to vote whether or not they wanted an ACT Branch to be formed in Canberra. The majority of members voted in favour. This result was passed on to a National Steering Committee who then presented it to State Branch Delegates at the National Servicemen's Association of Australia's National Council Meeting, which took place in Canberra on the 18th March 2010.

The Australian Capital Territory Branch's inclusion was voted on and the majority of State Branch Delegates voted in favour. Accordingly, on the 18th March 2010 at the National Council meeting of the National Servicemen's Association of Australia a new State/ Territory Branch of the Association was created.  The ACT Branch Inc. was formally incorporated on the 6th of May 2010.

It was always the ACT Branch's intention to continue close ties with the NSW Branch since it borders the ACT. In the early days, when the Queanbeyan - Canberra Sub-Branch was first chartered by the NSW Branch Inc, members from the Monaro geographical area were part of the Sub-Branch. After a short learning period, the Sub-Branch financially and organisationally assisted members in the Cooma District to form their own Sub-Branch of the NSW State Branch Inc.

Over the years which followed the Cooma Sub-Branch grew in both numbers and strength and is today a very well organised and managed Sub-Branch.

The Australian Capital Territory Branch Inc, under strong Executive leadership, is determined to continue with the aims and objectives of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia.

Ex-National Servicemen who wish to join the Association are invited to contact one of the ACT Branch team members who will be  pleased to acquaint them with all there is to know about the Branch and its activities. New member will be assured of finding like- thinking friends amongst the Branch's ranks.

Many events, both military and social are conducted to cater for the needs of Members and their partners.



Our Aims

Our main aim is to encourage all ex-Nashos living in the ACT and surrounding area to join with us and to assist all Nashos within our area to live better lives.

We also offer our assistance to all ex-National Servicemen who haven't as yet received the medals to which they are intitled, and to make application to the Directorate of Honours & Awards to have it/them issued.

Keeping Our Members Informed

To keep our Members up to date with all events and happenings within the ACT Branch and Nationally, Newsletters are sent to all Members through the mail or by e-mail.

The newsletter advises of upcoming Branch events that include military ceremonies such as ANZAC Day, National Servicemen's Day, Reserve Forces Day, Remembrance Day, as well as social events such as luncheons, Christmas Dinners and bus trips.